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Day 169 – Something Blue

I usually wear a black top with black tights and black boots and a dress over the top all winter and after picking up my boots from the repair guy on Saturday they are like new. I couldn’t wait to get into my winter “uniform” and then realised I had better really enjoy this outfit today ’cause I won’t be wearing it again … This winter is going to be a bit of a challenge!
I bought this dress as a bridesmaid option when my brother was getting married in 2009. The brief was simple wear a bright blue dress that makes you feel great and allows for awesome dance moves (always a pre-req in my family). It even has pockets – the ultimate bridesmaid accessory! But when it got vetoed by my mother for not being fancy enough in the fabric department I had a fab silk number made and kept this one to wear to work. The front is too low for me to wear in summer hence its role as a winter staple.
Quick fashion note for winter in Australia:
I just have to remember not to wear this little blue number on State of Origin night as that would represent allegiance with the team from down south – I have learnt this is a massive fashion faux pas living in Brisbane. Fashion bloggers around the world – take heed! Learn from my mistakes should you be in Queensland one football frenzy night. You’ll all see my team appropriate dress on Grand Final night.
By the way, does anyone have a good trick for making a dress different to get me through winter? Looking forward to some good mash up advice 🙂



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  1. Try wearing the dress underneath a jumper so you are just showing the bottom half and it looks like a skirt. Or wear a bright, wide belt with it to give it a big pop of colour.
    Oh, and there is nothing wrong with dressing in the blue! 🙂


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