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Day 168 – something old, something new

I arrived home from America in late May to a very chilly Brisbane and a very warm boyfriend with a gift in his hands he felt I needed before I went outside. As I unwrapped it, I could see the gorgeous bold checks and the cosy fabric but how could I have guessed it was to be this magnificent coat reminiscent of 2 of my favourite things – 1960s fashion and The Little Prince?
It was spotted it in our local vintage store and he knew I would love it. We immediately decided that we should design a date during which I could wear my super coat and he could wear his cool new skinny jeans I bought in NYC having been told they were the same as his old favs! They turned out to be not his usual but cool and skinny and a great new look for him!

So tonight we hit the Powerhouse for the World Press photography exhibition and to our delight it also included comedy, yummy dinner and fab coffee!


And we couldn’t resist a little photo taking of our own!



So this old and gorgeous coat became one of my only new things in a year of no new clothes for me.


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  1. That coat is awesome!
    Keep the boyfriend, he’s a good shopper. 🙂

    • Got my coat back on today and loving it for a day tripping around the city, having lunch, checking out clothes I can’t buy and seeing an exhibition – super comfy and warm.
      Will def keep the boyfriend he is a little bit fabulous 🙂


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