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Day 166 – last day of Triple J 90s week

Oh the 90s.
I finished high school, went to uni, worked as a dancer in a shop window with house music pumping, became a drama and French teacher, moved to London and finally got my first pair of Docs!
I know that lots of people wore kilts and Docs in the 80s but I was too busy watching Flashdance and Footloose and doing dance concerts wearing Kiss make-up, glitter t-shirts, jeans and high tops – I lived in Africa and outside influences were seriously limited. Oh and in 1987 my mum bought this kilt for me.
In the 90s when skirts were ridiculously short, I had lots of my long skirts cut short, including this one, but luckily I didn’t go 90s short on my kilt and it has stood the test of time in its new incarnation… I say new … It was new in the 90s and still gets worn every winter in its short version. I have a photo of me wearing this outfit in Trafalgar Square holding my Doc Shop bag in 1997. Ahhh.
Have had such a lovely week reliving the 90s with Triple J – thanks for your patience every one as I trawled through some wardrobe classics. Hope you’ve had as much fun as I have!



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