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Day 164 – Rocking a bit of 90s hot pink

These pants always make me think of the 80s fashion revival we are having at the moment but I bought them in the 90s for Emma’s winter wedding. They are pure wool and keep everyone awake. One of my uni days’ layby purchases where the lovely lady at Carla Zampatti at Toowong Village in suburban Brisbane didn’t mind that I only paid the minimum each week across the world’s longest layby period! They moved to London with me in 1996 and to Hong Kong in 2004. Definitely a well-travelled well-loved ode to the 90s to join the fun of Triple J’s 90s week. 20120613-091028.jpg
It is still winter of course so I will have a jumper on all day but I didn’t want you to miss out on seeing just how high the waist is with the pleats at the front – very “Friends”! I can never get over all the pleated pants when I watch “Friends” now and the men’s baggy jackets. And I always thought we went pretty classic in the 90s. Well these pants have been for me.



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  1. I love those pants!
    Such a fantastic colour and soooo en-trend-dahhhling. πŸ™‚


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