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Day 157 – Wooly Mammoth

I think I had forgotten that once winter hit, wardrobe funkiness tended to go out the frost covered window and warmth becomes the major motivator.
OK OK I know I live in Brisbane and there is no frost and we exaggerate when we say it’s freezing because it’s 19 degrees but we are built for summer here – our houses, our learning institutes and our wardrobes! Though I must say, in classrooms I am usually warm – here they are sealed and heated and I run around a lot. However, I am currently in writing phase which means no running and lots of, well writing … And drinking hot water.
Anyway for everyone else in the world it’s not that cold. We have glorious sunshine that has warmth in it and I have a chance to wear every wool item I own! Have brought back the Diane Von Furstenberg pants with an even finer wool sweater than yesterday’s purchased in HK for my big Canada & USA trip Fall 2008. Now that was a chance to layer!
How are you coping with the change of season? Some you are heading into summer as we drop off the thermometer in the Southern Hemisphere but that has its own challenges.

OK I just saw a girl in a sun dress and this is what a Brisbane winter looks like. I may have got dressed at a particularly chilly time of day and may be working in a peculiarly cold office!



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  1. Love your look – looks so chic and Parisian! 🙂


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