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Day 156 – Raspberry Beret

Feeling very urban camo today in my khaki hand-me-down pants for extra space. Soon I will be back to making cool fashion decisions for cool fashion reasons! Am definitely on the mend.
You may recall these man pant look-alikes from summer. I must say one of the fun things about hand-me-downs is working with different colours and shapes from your usual. I, for example, wear a lot of black and slinky but all my colours go with this nice safari pant hue. It says I am ready to look for lions or I can go to work, possibly even get a job as a Virgin Flight Attendant!
But very excited to experiment with colour while all other aesthetic decisions are being left to the comfort department!
I wait all summer for the first chills of winter for an excuse to wear this divine jumper from Agnes B. My first ever massive super shopping splurge was in Agnes B in HK and this jumper was part of that. Working in a classroom that was about 7 degrees required a wardrobe consisting of layers of wool and I needed a super fine layer to fit under a jacket that still allowed for movement and flexibility to do things like playground duty and writing on the black board ie not a sleeping bag (tempting though it was to drag a duvet from bed to classroom!). The little bows at the side add interest too.
Merci Agnes B!



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