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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Day 181 – Remixing the Little Prince Coat

20120630-144908.jpgBringing out my Vintage number to celebrate a day of sunshine, a new haircut and a trip to the Lichtenstein exhibition. This coat always POPS!

Every time I have my hair cut I include a shot of me with my hairdresser.

Have a look at Emma’s hair – I love these cute curls – we think this is a good choice for Sam’s wedding in October … Do you think it will suit me?

Day 180 – Remashing Day 17

Turned my East meets West dress into a winter outfit with an extra layer of another Cotton On long-sleeved T.

I love the detail of the buttons on this dress. And for the funny story of when I lived in Hong Kong and bought this dress – Check out Day 17 back in the January Archives.


Day 179 – now I know how Superman feels

No I’m not wearing my undies on the outside and I’m not in all Lycra but I do have my disguise back for my presentation in 2 halves.
Watermelon cardi to keep my warm and layers of Cotton On T and Bonds singlet with the skirt my mum made for my sister in 1987. The hat will trick my students into thinking I have a twin …20120628-112935.jpg

Can you tell it’s me?


Day 178 – looking for ideas to keep warm!

Was too cold to take my jumper off for a pic sorry! I have a black Gap wrap dress on underneath and I had to explain to my gorgeous photographer that the hole in the side is deliberate for wrapping purposes.
Note to self: in first round of throwing out clothes at end of 2012 start with things with holes in them if people are starting to think it’s normal that my clothes have holes!

Maybe mini carpet bowls could do the trick?



Day 177 – blanket dress

Is it just me or does this dress look a little bit like a blanket?
Another super purchase from the massive shopping day I had the first time I set foot in Agnes B in Hong Kong… Actually it might have been in the window and what lured me in in the first place!


Terrific Tuesday Team’s theme for Radio Lollipop is Jungle this week so I spent some time in my garden getting ideas before heading off to work where the jungle theme could float around in my head for a bit … Turned out to be way to busy for thinking space but it was a good theory!


Day 176 – cold and crazy day

Laura Ashley wooly pants get a real work out as the temperature drops and I’m working in the no central heating building!

Got lots to do today so easy to move and super warm was the key so Agnes B raspberry jumper with little bows will help and I didn’t get a chance to show you a close up pic last time so here are the little bows:

And just to be super warm and try and get healthy before my students arrive next week I thought spotty tights might give me the power to be super productive in case 1000s of mgs of Vitamin C don’t do the trick! This is the power of fashion I’m talking about here 🙂


Day 175 – wrapping up

Still chilly, still wrapped in a hundred layers! The stripes on my t-shirt are from my super groovy, Melbourne-based Hamb t-shirt and my purple Dogstar brooch are adding a spot of colour.