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Day 151 – Friends of Man Pants

Back to work in clothes that don’t touch me anywhere!
Yesterday’s jeans lasted about 10 minutes after the photo was taken and I was back into my trackie pants and on the sofa! So to get back to work today, I knew I had to do nothing other than reach for pants from the hand-me-down section of my wardrobe, yes it’s “Friends of Man Pants”. Being even bigger and even softer, they were the easy choice. Then I took a train to work so no seatbelt will touch my stomach.
This is a whole new fashion direction I’m taking … Fashion by medical necessity! All these things I didn’t think I would need to take into consideration at the start of the year when I embarked on this project! But probably not for long … And I have been known to dress for comfort before today!
Oh so what am I wearing – Esprit Argyle knit jumper – actually kind of Man Jumper too! It always makes me feel like a male teacher from the 1930s or like I should be taking my automobile for a spin and a spot of fresh air. It has hot pink stripes though so perfect with my hot pink desert boots and lots of girlie. 20120531-132732.jpg


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