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Day 150 Recovery Day

After yesterday (Day 149 – undocumented) being a medical day, I now have a definitely never before seen outfit courtesy of my hospital tights – mine for 2 days and so fetching with my spotty ballet flats. After a day in paper booties this all feels very glam! Needless to say, all is well and I got the all clear from my doctor so feeling relieved though post-anaesthetic as well as jet-lagged! A morning coffee is it for me now before a day of DVDs on the sofa in my fancy white tights!



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  1. Little Miss! Hope you are well??
    You look good, even the hospital stockings look good on you!

    • Thank you sweetie šŸ™‚ definitely coming through the jet lag / post-op haze and feeling a bit more like a human being! Not missing the white tights though šŸ˜‰

      • I can understand that. Even as a nurse who knows they should be worn, post op they are the first thing I ditched too! šŸ™‚

      • Yep they lasted exactly how long the nurse told me to wear them and not a minute more! I thought my lips were going numb … Not sure how I thought that was connected!

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