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Day 148 – From this distance, can you tell I was a plane the last 27 hours?!

Goodbye Texas warmth and hello Bris-Vegas chill!

You all know how much I love getting my jeans on on a school day … Well it’s a few more days till I’m back at work and it’s too many degrees cooler than Austin to be in anything else. I love a long-sleeved black T-shirt in Winter so I may have to break the shopping ban to update that part of the wardrobe. Just putting that out there!
With the main goals of the day being to stay awake and to stay warm, this cardi is perfect. It was my one big splash out purchase in HK to buy a Shanghai Tang silk lined jumper. It is a joy to wear.
Oh and part of my super bargain shoe shop in the USA – they are not on the ban list! – please welcome my new black spotty ballet flats!

And I couldn’t resist this snap from the supermarket car park of the typically gorgeous Brisbane day welcoming me back. Love ya Brisbane!



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  1. Love your look, especially your cute ballet flats!

  2. Karen's Watkinson

    Yum! Love the cardi.


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