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Day 145 – That Thursday T-Shirt Feeling

The only problem with chronicling everything you wear is that you realise patterns like for the three Thursdays I have been in Austin, I have worn this stripy t-shirt. Now everyone knows how much I love a stripy t-shirt but it must really be time to get back to Brisbane, out if my suitcase and into some winter clothes! Although I would like to thank Target for their fabulous stripy t-shirt sale at the end if last year – what would I have done without it?
I think I forget how gorgeous and casual things are in Austin and I don’t think I do casual very well. I have a tendency towards extreme casual at the weekend/on holiday and just go the shorts and t-shirt route every time. I packed flowing tops to wear over little shorty shorts and probably just forgot that I would be spending most of my time at music class, swim school and sitting on the floor having fabulous tea parties with a bear, a dog and a scrumptious 1 year old!
It’s been a fabulous holiday and I’m not wishing away my last few precious days but really just apologising for the monotony of the Thursday Stripy T-Shirt while I was trapped in the prison of my own dodgy packing! OK off to swim class.



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