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Day 122 – Corporate and Cosy

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Who knew I’d be pulling all my wooly clothes out so early? I guess if takes a while to adjust and this room is very cold. Well, just four more days in a cold office and next week I’ll be back into shorts and t-shirts… Wait a minute! Wasn’t I wearing shorts and t-shirts last week? For those of you who don’t know Brisbane, the definition of freezing here is 17 degrees 😉
But in Winter we have glorious blue skies and the sun still has warmth in it. I had to do my photo outside today so you know what I’m talking about – I was deliciously warm in my all Cue outfit. This skirt is an all time fav and I always think it’s new ’cause I bought it in 2010 … For a wardrobe that has my kilt from when I was 13 (let’s just say it was the 1980s), 2010 is super new! And this shirt seems new because it only gets worn once a year. I think it’s a little dark for me but it works well for corporate week.




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  1. Oh forgot to say check out the cute frill on the back so it’s not all corporate!

  2. Very professional!
    I love the little surprise ruffle at the back.
    It’s cool to give a little pow with the back view.

    p.s. I’ll be in Brisbane for a conference next week, hope the weather stays above 17!

    • Don’t worry 17 max is only in the depths of winter! But mornings can be chilly…maybe not Melbourne chilly!
      One day when we are in the same city at the same time we should
      go SHOPPING!!

      • That would be totally fun!
        Might have to actually plan it though as we always seem to be just out from each other!
        I should survive the weather and not have to pack anything too heavy. I’ve toughened up living down south. 🙂

  3. Looks really good and fits you very well – great lines!


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