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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Day 151 – Friends of Man Pants

Back to work in clothes that don’t touch me anywhere!
Yesterday’s jeans lasted about 10 minutes after the photo was taken and I was back into my trackie pants and on the sofa! So to get back to work today, I knew I had to do nothing other than reach for pants from the hand-me-down section of my wardrobe, yes it’s “Friends of Man Pants”. Being even bigger and even softer, they were the easy choice. Then I took a train to work so no seatbelt will touch my stomach.
This is a whole new fashion direction I’m taking … Fashion by medical necessity! All these things I didn’t think I would need to take into consideration at the start of the year when I embarked on this project! But probably not for long … And I have been known to dress for comfort before today!
Oh so what am I wearing – Esprit Argyle knit jumper – actually kind of Man Jumper too! It always makes me feel like a male teacher from the 1930s or like I should be taking my automobile for a spin and a spot of fresh air. It has hot pink stripes though so perfect with my hot pink desert boots and lots of girlie. 20120531-132732.jpg

Day 150 Recovery Day

After yesterday (Day 149 – undocumented) being a medical day, I now have a definitely never before seen outfit courtesy of my hospital tights – mine for 2 days and so fetching with my spotty ballet flats. After a day in paper booties this all feels very glam! Needless to say, all is well and I got the all clear from my doctor so feeling relieved though post-anaesthetic as well as jet-lagged! A morning coffee is it for me now before a day of DVDs on the sofa in my fancy white tights!


Day 148 – From this distance, can you tell I was a plane the last 27 hours?!

Goodbye Texas warmth and hello Bris-Vegas chill!

You all know how much I love getting my jeans on on a school day … Well it’s a few more days till I’m back at work and it’s too many degrees cooler than Austin to be in anything else. I love a long-sleeved black T-shirt in Winter so I may have to break the shopping ban to update that part of the wardrobe. Just putting that out there!
With the main goals of the day being to stay awake and to stay warm, this cardi is perfect. It was my one big splash out purchase in HK to buy a Shanghai Tang silk lined jumper. It is a joy to wear.
Oh and part of my super bargain shoe shop in the USA – they are not on the ban list! – please welcome my new black spotty ballet flats!

And I couldn’t resist this snap from the supermarket car park of the typically gorgeous Brisbane day welcoming me back. Love ya Brisbane!


Day 147 – Remashing the weekend blue & white

Last day in the USA.
Had some time outside before heading onto the plane. I wore this shirt with these shorts a few weeks ago tucked in with belt and ballet flats – the much more chilled out version was perfect for today: a trip to The Natural Gardener. What a beautiful place, I feel like I have been on a whirlwind tour of world gardens.

We got home and planted all the plants and had our last slice of Homeslice Pizza. Now all that’s left is shower and head to the airport. So long Texas and thank y’all for having us!



Day 146 – Icons of SoCo

Second last day of holiday and time for an explore on South Congress.

It was a really hot day so shorts and t-shirt was my only option and a hat, of course, because I come from Queensland. These are my Zara shorties and another Target special stripy T!

Checked out a couple of fav stores and then had my last lunch at Gueros.


Day 145 – That Thursday T-Shirt Feeling

The only problem with chronicling everything you wear is that you realise patterns like for the three Thursdays I have been in Austin, I have worn this stripy t-shirt. Now everyone knows how much I love a stripy t-shirt but it must really be time to get back to Brisbane, out if my suitcase and into some winter clothes! Although I would like to thank Target for their fabulous stripy t-shirt sale at the end if last year – what would I have done without it?
I think I forget how gorgeous and casual things are in Austin and I don’t think I do casual very well. I have a tendency towards extreme casual at the weekend/on holiday and just go the shorts and t-shirt route every time. I packed flowing tops to wear over little shorty shorts and probably just forgot that I would be spending most of my time at music class, swim school and sitting on the floor having fabulous tea parties with a bear, a dog and a scrumptious 1 year old!
It’s been a fabulous holiday and I’m not wishing away my last few precious days but really just apologising for the monotony of the Thursday Stripy T-Shirt while I was trapped in the prison of my own dodgy packing! OK off to swim class.


Day 144 – Field of Dreams

Taking my Dogstar shorts and Birks for a walk through the wildflowers at the Elizabeth Ney museum in Austin.

I thought I had way too many colours in my outfit today and then I saw this riot of gorgeousness and realised that nature can get away with going crazy on the colour palette so why can’t I?