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Day 121 – A day of symmetry

Well it’s my last Monday in an office for a while as I officially become a casual teacher this week so here is an “at work” photo!
It’s my last week of work before heading off to the States and moving into hot holiday wear so I had better office-wear it up this week 😉
Back in my warm & wooly Laura Ashley pants and a hand-me-down top from my aunt.




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  1. Very cute and professional!
    It’ll be interesting to see what you have to say about the shopping and style at your new home.

    • I’ll just be away for a couple of weeks but in Texas so it’s going to be HOT! Lucky I have a had a couple of Wintery days before putting all my Summer clothes back on … I don’t think I counted on THREE Summers when I signed up for this 😉 Let’s hope my super-wardrobe holds out!

      • Texas! All you need are jeans and boots and you’ll be right!
        As much as I love my winter wardrobe I would like more summer this year.
        Hope you have a great time.

  2. Right and swimming costume and shorts – it’s already over 30 degrees! Oh and my sister-in-law said I can wear a sundress with my boots for Summer Scootin’ YAY!! ( I feel like an extra in Footloose!)


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