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Day 115 – Same Bat Colours … A whole new bat outfit

My earrings matched my car so nicely today that after my mini car workshop – understanding tyre pressure – we snapped this shot and I rode off into the sunrise with fresh knowledge that I need more pressure.
Not more pressure to come up with fresh outfits – this top hasn’t been out yet this year.
So I stuck to yesterday’s colour combo with different black pants, different black & white top and different red shoes! Am beginning to see that Tuesday is not a very adventurous fashion day – must be saving all my creative energy for Tuesday nights at Radio Lollipop… The blonde wig drove me a bit crazy last week so I need to find something new and the theme is storytelling tonight. Costume ideas for things I can add to my uniform and ensure security pass and logo on my t-shirt still showing welcome πŸ™‚ I know what I really need is to put the blonde wig back on and be Goldilocks!



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  1. Goodness, if you want more pressure I am more than happy to share mine with you!
    But you have to let me borrow that shirt. πŸ™‚

  2. You have so many creative ideas, I hope your pressure isn’t blog related?? Apart from the no shopping stress! (I love no shopping because I can look at lots of lovely things and don’t even have to make a decision about whether I can afford it or not?!)
    You’re very welcome to borrow this top. There is a wrap-around skirt too…but I never wear them together for fear of being lost into the walls of a wallpaper shop!
    I’m no fashion expert but am pretty sure that Wallpaper Camo is fashion suicide πŸ˜‰


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