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Day 109 – 2nd attempt at business pants

So it seems everyone sees what you wear through very different eyes and even if you feel like you look a certain way, you may not be being perceived as such. You may recall yesterday my blog was called Business Time – I was wearing a button up collared shirt and straight legged black work looking pants (admittedly I bought them for a dress up party but that’s not helping my point;). I thought that look was pretty “work”.
Then I walked into the teachers room.
I got a really long up and down look with the comment “That’s a pretty casual look for you”. I was surprised and enquired “Because I’m not wearing a dress?” and the response was simply that perhaps I usually wear more colour. I think he meant …. This is hard for me to say …. That yesterday …. Deep breath …. I looked BORING!! AHHHH!!! Could it be possible??
All I can say is thank goodness I volunteer at a kids’ hospital radio station on Tuesday nights and spent the entire evening in a blonde wig with rosy cheeks and bright red lipstick … Oh if my colleague could have seen me then…sigh!
Anyway have attempted to redeem myself with a similar concept in a different colour scheme. I guess I could have worn my silver sequin dance shoes. This will have have to do.
After my all H&M day yesterday, an all Esprit day today worn with a sense of knowing that it’s ok to jazz up my outfits and accessorise like a demon and that I shall continue to do so – I clearly have a reputation to uphold!


See even the collar is interesting on this top!


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  1. Just when you think no one is paying attention they go and surprise you!

    • I know! Isn’t it funny? I get lots of comments about how much black I wear, too .. that always inspires a colour break-out! Oh I forgot to tell you I went home Monday and dyed my pink dress thanks to your inspiration … will upload pics of my new (ultra teeney!!) purple dress.


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