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Day 103 – Swishy Skirt and Vampire Jacket

That’s how someone just described my top!
My sister lives in Singapore and while I was living in HK I would zip over for the weekend sometimes, especially if my mum was visiting. We would often have a wander down Orchard Rd and one day we walked into a giant Mango store having a super sale! My favourite kind of store. I think I love sales so much because 1) I obviously don’t really need more clothes 2) I love experimenting with clothes so it’s better if they don’t cost too much!
Well I bought this jacket which got a couple of wears in HK and since it arrived back here in 2009 has been very safely stowed in my closet. I put it on today and remembered that I love it. I think it might be better with skinny pants rather than such a full skirt…what do you think? Do you have tops that only go with skinny bottoms? I’ll experiment a bit now I have rediscovered this jacket.
For those of you new to my blog, this skirt is very special – my mum made it for my cousin for a school dance in 1988 and we found it in my aunt’s garage 4 years ago and I wear it all the time. For people who enjoy a 5 senses approach to life, it swishes when I walk but you can’t hear that on my blog.



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