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Day 102 – Remashing most favourite pants EVER!

My friend Sam once tried on a pair of pants and thought they must have been magic for they made her feel so fantastic. Sadly on that day the sales woman had no imagination and blandly explained that the pants weren’t in fact magic but simply well cut … Well the moral of this fairy tale is magic pants do exist and hurrah for well cut clothes.
As you know, I have worn these before, these pants are my first ever Diane Von Furstenberg purchase and I am convinced they are magic … Or is it just in my imagination that I am 6 feet tall in these puppies … I think not! I have a pretty good imagination, though. Just as I believe in magic pants, I believe in super hero suit clothing. My first memory of this was in Malaysia when I had a big tax bill to pay and was strictly window shopping only when I came across a Diane Von Furstenberg dress in the colour of a delicious glass of red wine. And like the effect of a great glass of red, as I wrapped that dress around me it was as if it moulded itself to body and became part of me. There were no mirrors in the change room so I told myself I was sure it wouldn’t look anywhere near as good as it felt, I was sure it would look too puffy or make my hips look big… It didn’t do anything. It was sensational. I was like Batman in his super high-tech rubber power suit. I understood what it felt like to be dressed and supersonic … Then I handed it back to the lady and walked away. No fairy tale ending but a sensation I look forward to having again one day.
And for today – well here’s to a day of 6-foot magic!


Oh have realised you can’t see how cool and charcoal with hot pink checks they are so here is a close up. They match my house – these pants are like my entire design concept… anyway I must stop prattling on – you get it! I love these pants!



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  1. I believe in magic pants! I own a couple of pair. One of them is plaid too?!
    Perhaps plaid has some magic power that has yet to be discovered? πŸ™‚

    • That’s right…maybe there is a PhD topic in that – “The Impact of Plaid Pants on the Female Psyche – An Exploration into the Magic Pants Phenonenom” πŸ™‚
      So glad you believe in Magic Pants. Like I said yesterday to RedVelvet clothes really do have the power to make you feel all kinds of wonderful things and put not just your body but your mind in the right space for whatever you have to achieve on a particular day. Hence work clothes, date clothes, happy clothes, lucky clothes … I hadn’t realised how into clothes I was till I started my blog! I started knowing that each item of clothing had a story but now, at the end of 100 days, I realise they are like companions!
      I have had a lot of coffee this monring…I think it might be time to have some water and stop talking about clothes!!
      Have a good day πŸ™‚

      • LOL!
        It’s NEVER time to stop talking about clothes. I’m pretty sure I talk about clothes when I’m dreaming…or dream about talking about clothes?!

  2. Oh and work on my spelling of words like phenomenon!


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