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Day 95 – Smooth Criminal Suit

I haven’t worn these pants for ages but I always feel nice and tall when I do. I sometimes wear the jacket still but usually with a black skirt so I don’t feel like I just stepped out of the Smooth Criminal video or the first Charlie’s Angels movie – these are not bad things, it’s just that I would have trouble at work trying to stay out of character and focus on what I actually do at work. Sadly that has very little to do with 80s music videos and 70s tv show movie remakes… Just in case you were wondering … I know the suit is deceiving. I’m not actually wearing the suit today I just put the pic so you can see where these pants came from in their original incarnation when they joined my wardrobe of wonders in the very early 2000s.




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  1. Very nice colour and pinstripe, they have a good shape too.

    • Thank you Daper Dolly 🙂 I am still giggling over your fabulous Jem blog. My best friend from high school and I have read and re-read it. Love the pics and the fashion commentary and especially your PSA 😉

      • No worries 🙂 , and oh wow that’s fantastic, thank you for such a great compliment, I’m so glad you both like it! It’s about time I started thinking about the ‘next fashion on screen’ supplement lol.

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