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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Day 121 – A day of symmetry

Well it’s my last Monday in an office for a while as I officially become a casual teacher this week so here is an “at work” photo!
It’s my last week of work before heading off to the States and moving into hot holiday wear so I had better office-wear it up this week 😉
Back in my warm & wooly Laura Ashley pants and a hand-me-down top from my aunt.




Day 120 – a morning in Eden

Starting the day with friends at a gorgeous garden centre in Dogstar cosy wear for warmth as we wandered through the plants.


Day 119 – Who needs to shop when it’s time to play in the bottom shelf?!

It’s ok ’cause all the monsters were in the carpark!
I had so much fun rummaging through all the jumpers in the bottom of my wardrobe this week – I love a change of weather. Although I must admit I do struggle for a few days trying to work out what to wear at the start if a new season. What do you find harder – winter to summer or summer to winter?

Day 118 – Winter Woolies at the Ready

Warming up thanks to wool pants by Laura Ashley and Alannah Hill special occasion cardigan to brighten a very wet, miserable looking day.


Thanks Alannah Hill for putting the G and R girlie 🙂

Day 117 – it’s 11 degrees!

This skirt is another gem from a shop on St John’s Wood High Street in London. I bought lots of fab little numbers on super sale there in about 1999 and they were all pretty slinky at a time that I wasn’t confident enough to wear slinky. Then, I guess 10 years later, I just kind of grew up and got more confident and realised I wasn’t going to have a 12-year-old boy dancer body forever! My big sister told me it is good to have curves so it must be true 🙂 And luckily I very rarely throw clothes out so now as I approach 40 I can wear them all! Though I must say having reached day 117 of intense wardrobe scrutiny, I now know what needs to stay, what needs to go and what I need to replace! Looks like next year is going to be just as busy!


Day 116 – Where’s Wally goes to the Walley

Public holiday was a great opportunity to catch up with a friend who lives overseas and she took my picture for me and commented on my Where’s Wally top. Been a while since this gorgeous Target top came out for the day so I took the cooler weather as my cue to get into jeans and a t-shirt. When I was younger, I didn’t like wearing what everyone else wore so I never wore jeans and a t-shirt and now I know why everyone loves that combo!


Day 115 – Same Bat Colours … A whole new bat outfit

My earrings matched my car so nicely today that after my mini car workshop – understanding tyre pressure – we snapped this shot and I rode off into the sunrise with fresh knowledge that I need more pressure.
Not more pressure to come up with fresh outfits – this top hasn’t been out yet this year.
So I stuck to yesterday’s colour combo with different black pants, different black & white top and different red shoes! Am beginning to see that Tuesday is not a very adventurous fashion day – must be saving all my creative energy for Tuesday nights at Radio Lollipop… The blonde wig drove me a bit crazy last week so I need to find something new and the theme is storytelling tonight. Costume ideas for things I can add to my uniform and ensure security pass and logo on my t-shirt still showing welcome 🙂 I know what I really need is to put the blonde wig back on and be Goldilocks!