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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Day 91 – celebrating the opening of our new local shopping centre

Nice for window shopping.
Was really excited to be able to do Petite shopping while in America at Talbots in 2009 and find this little purple dress that’s like wearing a big t-shirt!


Fashion Mashie is 90 today!

Cue design the most elegant work wear, lots of which you have seen on my blog, but I doubt they ever thought they’d see this combo of their mid-2000s crisp but feminine work shirt with this little dress / top from their casual range, The Letter Cue. I promise it’s not because I am being wardrobe-ly challenged but comfort requirements challenged. I need no belts, no buckles, no touching the muscles in my back & legs – this is perfect… Even though I usually just chuck this dress on with a pair of Birks it’s coming to work with me for a day!
It’s another GORGEOUS Autumn day so while the Northern Hemisphere soaks up a but more sun, we’re revelling in crisp mornings and cool breeze and digging a little but deeper in the wardrobe for things that haven’t been out since last year.


Day 89 – Bowling Shoes

Will they help me bowl over a big pile of work today?


Day 88 – Backtofront Top

This is a Dogstar top that didn’t come out for the 14 Days of Dogstar and it is super cool ’cause people tell you all days that you’ve put your shirt on back to front. I love the seam down the front and the team who call my Dogstar clothes my Star Trek wardrobe will love it, too.


Day 87 – Blue Sky Skirt

The sun is shining and I am physically out of bed and at work … Still feeling a little mentally, as well as dentally, challenged from flu and last night’s visit to the dentist. Anyway this pretty Esprit skirt always makes my day brighter.


Day 86 – One outing

I am slowly going crazy ’cause I have pretty much been sick for the whole of March and after being in bed all day today was sure I was about to post another no outing day. Suddenly my phone chimed up to remind me I made a dentist appointment for tonight 3 months ago. The chance to see my long term family dentist is as rare as hens’ teeth so I had to roll out of bed and switch trackies for jeans and get my teeth to the dentist pumped full of cold and flu herbal tablets. The herbal ones are great and don’t make you feel sick or dizzy 🙂


Day 85 – Family Breakfast

These culottes are an a big fav since being on the most wanted list after Fashion Week. I went to the Fashion Week Dogstar show and fell in love with these pants not realising that a 6-foot model has a bit more leg on me! When I first tried them on I was really disappointed that my legs weren’t longer 😉 I went back another day and tried them on again and thought about how I could dress them up and down and how much I love them AND it was end of season super sales so I had to have them.
Since then have just loved owning them. Today they were perfect because there were lots of babies and lots of action so I needed to be able to sit on the floor, run up and down stairs, pick up babies and catch up with all my cousins, aunties and uncles.