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Day 43 – Fairy tales do come true

At dinner recently a friend told the tale of a night of many beverages saddened by the discovery of both a lack of liquid matched with legs that, in similar liquid form, could not get them to the liquor store. With nothing left to do, they decided to clean up. Lifting the floor mat they discovered a latch and before them lay Aladdin’s cave of stashed bottled delights – liquid gold.
Another told the tale of a friend’s step-mother … from the less than savoury side of the fence. It started to dawn on me – those stories were real when I was a kid!
It was at that moment I realised I too had a tale to tell – the day my fairy godmother, whose existence had previously been unknown to me, emailed to say she would meet me on a street corner and hand over a dress – a golden dress – that would be mine for a fixed period of time (see Day 19 if you missed it). The clock struck 12 today and I handed back the dress of gold … So tiny it could only be worn as a skirt, a skirt that turned me into a curvy woman for one night only. It was fun to rock my Cinderella for a night and I returned the dress with great thanks tonight. Thank you Fairy Godmother!



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  1. My pleasure šŸ™‚ Was great to have it worn/appreciated… and of course am so pleased to have met you and learnt of your project including the Dogstar Brand!


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