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Day 23

Love this skirt from Benetton I spied in the window on my way to rock climbing at the YMCA one day. It always makes me giggle when I put this on because the first time I wore it to school in Hong Kong everyone told me I looked like an OL – that’s Chinglish for an Office Lady so I had a lovely OL day today and even got told I look professional … I hope that he meant corporate and that I always look professional at work!
I bought this shirt at H&M in Canada to put under my grey jumper from Club Monaco that was on a fine line looking like a school jumper …. It will be revealed in Winter. The two together became my plane outfit with jeans for my USA & Canada trip in 2008 – fond memories – every time I put on this shirt I feel ready to hop on a plane. But with this skirt it puts me in work mode … Whether in an office or classroom


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