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Day 19 – Another Mystery Dress Tale – The Tale of the Golden Handshake

Well as you know I can’t shop and was faced with the dilemma of a gold party …now gold is not a big feature in my wardrobe due to a very thorough sorting out of “my colours” as many children of the 80s may have experienced. It was revealed that I am a winter and therefore should accessorise in silver. That being ingrained from a young age led to a serious lack of golden dresses in my wardrobe so … What to wear to a golden birthday bash? I replied apologising that – probably for the first time in my life – I would be coming to a theme party but not in gold as I am unable to add to my wardrobe this year. Within minutes of sending off this Reply All tale of woe I have a New Message from one of the recipients to say 1. She knows my brother 2. She has a sister who recently decided to throw out / hand down a gold dress 3. She would not be wearing said gold dress, was intrigued by my blog concept and would lend me the dress! What a very happy little fashion masher I was. I am now on a bus returning from the city with a gold dress in a bag and it is GORGEOUS! We just met in the city for the golden handshake. Am V excited for a change 😉 you can check out the little gold number on Day 28 x


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