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Day 3 post script…while I’m confessing

I’m suddenly feeling guilty that I went to the cricket last night and didn’t upload my outfit because I thought it would count as a sub-outfit but lots of days you wear more than 1 right? So I realised this is either going to be more than 365 outfits or just what I wear for the longest period of time each day but that could be confused for cheating … So I’ll try and do all going out in public outfits. To the cricket I wore a Target dress with red Birkenstocks & red lady bug earrings. The accessories are important because I’ll wear that dress again but in a whole new mashie. It is my first Target dress – I bought it while I was looking for the stripey t-shirt I wore to the movies. I saw the stripey t-shirts in the pre-Christmas catalogue and, as you will soon discover, I love a stripey t-shirt and I have been called Where’s Wally on more than one occasion, Wally’s girlfriend (when matched with a skirt) Wally’s personal shopper, Wally … Anyway I’m clean – all outfits up and I shopped but only because it will be a fabulous story đŸ™‚



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