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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Day 1

At midnight ringing in the new year I celebrated in all my 80s girlhood glory with my favourite hot pink pants experimenting with colour blocking…despite my aversion to following whatever is trendy I’m thrilled that what’s trendy is lots of colour! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Two days left till 2012

I’m getting excited and making the most of not having to think very much about what to wear each morning 😉 I must tidy bedroom too before it features in a photo every day …I currently have a mountain of clothes on the floor and due to some sort of overnight aka pre-party prep seismic activity, I now have foothills must get to it!

Welcome to Fashion Mashie 2012

Every year I set myself a list of goals. One of them is always a creative project goal – for 2012 I’ve decided to work my wardrobe.
I often hear women saying “I have nothing to wear!” and sometimes they have lots of clothes and sometimes not but there all kinds of things in it. I wonder if we just get bored of our clothes? Or if we rely on staples? Or do we just forget what’s in the back of the closet? My goal this year is to wear something different everyday – not to repeat an outfit by mixing and matching what’s in my wardrobe already. I’m going to try not to buy new things, I’ll try and find inspration for me and people who wish to follow my progress and mostly to have lots of fun workshopping my wardrobe including lots of wonderful hand-me-downs from over the years they haven’t had much airplay.

I will start on January 1st 2012 – see you then and then every day for the next 365 days!